CommerceCX: Enabling Frictionless Consumer Engagement

CommerceCX: Enabling Frictionless Consumer Engagement

Rob Maille, Head of Strategy & Customer Experience, CommerceCXRob Maille, Head of Strategy & Customer Experience
Be it retirement planning, going on a vacation, or buying on Amazon, consumers are driven by an intent; merchants, retailers, and service providers need to be mindful of how customers engage with their business and what that experience is. CommerceCX has been the quintessence of leveraging consumer psychology to help organizations craft successful business strategies that focus on creating a great experience. Given the changing preferences of consumers, CommerceCX emphasizes the need to look at a larger picture encompassing consumer expectations for successful buyer-seller engagements. Accordingly, CommerceCX leverages its deep-rooted prowess in technology to create products and services that enable a “frictionless experience for customers all through the journey.” “We analyze the customer journey to remove all friction points and create an opportunity for our clients to redefine consumer experience,” says Rob Maille, Head of Strategy and Customer Experience, CommerceCX.

Despite being a young company, CommerceCX has organizations from multiple domains such as retail, manufacturing, and finance seeking its assistance in tailoring innovative customer experiences in tune with the current and upcoming trends. According to Maille, organizations view upcoming consumer engagement trends as an opportunity to enable a state-of-the-art shopping experience for consumers. “We empower organizations to be disruptive by focusing on consumer psychology and using that information to develop their strategy,” mentions Maille.

CommerceCX adopts a technology-agnostic approach to serve clients, wherein the expected outcomes are first understood, based on which the technology solutions are tailored to deliver the results. In the requirements gathering phase, CommerceCX understands and documents the types of end users of the product and the user experience sought by them, besides the various customer touch points.

We analyze the customer journey to remove all friction points and create an opportunity for our clients to redefine consumer experience

Citing the example of financial institutions, Maille explains that CommerceCX interviews the personnel at the frontline of customer service at various touch points such as banks and call centers to ensure the smooth functioning of their operations. Further, data is obtained from multiple sources like CRM, ERP, and SAP modules to identify the scope for offering differentiating services and develop consumer-facing solutions that guarantee an enriched experience.

CommerceCX has a clientele comprising large enterprises to startups. In order to better cater to its clients, the company has built strong expertise around Salesforce, Microsoft, Oracle, Apttus, and so forth. CommerceCX has enabled exciting possibilities around configure price quote (CPQ) that will redefine customer service at quick-service restaurants and retail where quotes play a major role. Maille describes quote-to-cash (QTC), CRM, blockchain, and AI as the “four horsemen” of technology that the company intends to leverage. Elaborating on the “four horsemen,” he says that CRM provides all the information about consumers required to tailor an engaging experience, while blockchain provides the ability to store and remember the data pertaining to assets and services. Maille opines that the scope for serving customers through chatbots make AI a coveted technology in retail, while QTC helps businesses streamline the gathering of data from quotes.“Shoppers no longer accept one-size-fits-all service. Personalization rules customer engagement and the four horsemen is how we do it,” adds Maille.

CommerceCX is riding high on success with its operations expanding into Amsterdam in Netherlands and Hyderabad in India. The company intends to develop the solutions lacking in different markets to ultimately connect the data, platforms, and systems. CommerceCX is in an exciting phase of being able to assist a wide range of clients across diverse industry verticals that are ready to embark on a new phase of consumer engagement.