Wooqer: Simplifying the Synchronization of Retail Chains

Wooqer: Simplifying the Synchronization of Retail Chains

Vishal Purohit, Founder & CEO, WooqerVishal Purohit, Founder & CEO
The deciding factor to the success of a retail chain lies in the synchronization of the operations with every store, which still remains a goal for many retailers to achieve. Wooqer is here to solve exactly that. Backed by founder, Vishal Purohit and several other industry veterans, Wooqer, through its mobile and web application, simplifies how retailers work, enabling easier communication, documents sharing, and analytics.

Although billions of dollars of marketing investments may increase the number of people walking into the stores, it still does not change the thoughts on whether they buy a specific product or not. This means that “while retailers do need to focus on the rise in the number of walk-ins, they need to prioritize their investments in converting a customer who has already walked into the store,” states Purohit. Creating that favorable impression depends on several factors including the store staff’s knowledge of the product and having a consistent brand experience across stores. Wooqer enables retail stores to provide that “experience” for customers and offers improved employee productivity, through its platform that consists of tools which provide a real-time, integrated, two-way, and measurable content exchange channel between the business producers and content consumers.

A do-it-yourself, easy-to-use toolset, Wooqer enables a brand manager to create his own solution and iterate it with changing business requirements faster and cheaper. The speed of the cloud-based SaaS solution allows the ability to make decisions and synchronize executions with newer strategies.

Since most processes are performed through spreadsheets traditionally, the visibility into an issue is available only after, and not the moment a problem occurs. Wooqer offers this ability to the managers through the Retail Operations Platform, which automates the entire SOP (Standard Operations Procedure) into multiple checklists and audits that can be changed whenever needed.

There are 10,000 known ways that a retailer uses Wooqer for today, and the number will become 100,000 down the road

As information is filled, it is visible in real time for a manager, who can then take immediate action. Key activities that could be performed with the ROP include visual merchandzing audit, daily store checklists, product and organization training, and new store openings.

To demonstrate the impact that the Wooqer platform has on improving a retailer’s bottom line, Purohit speaks of one of their clients who has franchise-operated stores that are run by different partners. A common challenge that such stores have is the inconsistency in the brand experience. They were able to overcome this obstacle with Wooqer, where a partnered store would be scored based on the SOP parameters met by them and audits conducted on a weekly basis; the rebate would accordingly depend on this score. Wooqer enabled an improvement of 22 percent in the brand consistency in just a month’s time. What’s more, the manager responsible for building such solutions need not have the technical expertise or an IT support team, and would still take the least possible time to have the system up and running.

For retailers to predict future issues based on patterns identified in historical data, Wooqer has set its eyes primarily on making the solution smarter by adding more intelligence and learning capabilities to the platform. Compatibility for multiple devices including iPads and tablets, alongside the existing support for smartphones, is another area Wooqer has vested interests in. With a clientele from around the world including North America, Middle East, and Asia, the company is focused on expanding its footprint in the American region.

“There are 10,000 known ways that a retailer uses Wooqer for today, and the number will become 100,000, down the road,” Purohit states. A groundbreaking, smart, affordable, and a highly impacting solution like Wooqer is a must have for any retail chain to enhance brand consistency, improve employee productivity, and eventually achieve the set targets.